End The Stigma Of Mental Health And Love Yourself

Even today, mental illness still frightens people. Sometimes it is usually associated with weakness, not being in control and some inappropriate actions that draw a lot of negative attention to people and even might attract the media’s attention. For the sick people, this makes them feel unfit to the society due to the stigma that comes with the illness and they end up hiding it instead of getting out and seek treatment. The people who have the mental illness feel like they do not fit to be with the “ordinary” people and hence due to the need of wanting to keep their friends, they end up hiding the ailment instead of seeking treatment. The issue with hiding this disease is that for some people if they seek treatment they might even get cured. Have you ever experienced:

• Anger

Some people who are suffering from mental health are very quick to anger whereby they are not able to manage their anger. A small provocation can make them snap quickly and might even end up hurting someone or even themselves.

• Anxiety and panic attacks

People who have mental illness suffer from anxiety or even panic attacks. Stress near or anger can cause anxiety, and this is very dangerous.

• Depression

People who have mental illness sometimes get depressed. You may find that they are drawing from other people and do not want to associate with others. Problems that make it difficult to treat mental illness and how to overcome the taboo related to psychiatric treatment.

• Fear and shame

One of the reasons that make it difficult to seek treatment when you have a mental problem is the fear and shame associated with it. You feel like if you disclose your illness to people around you, they might label you as a crazy person and you do not want to be viewed as a crazy person. Some people may fear losing their position in the society such as a job or even fear of getting expelled from school.

How to overcome it

• Communicate

Communication is the key to helping you treat your mental problem. This is because some illnesses are treatable while others are manageable and therefore if you talk about your problem, you might receive help from a specialist. Overcome your fear and talk about your problem so as to receive help and treatment.

• Lack of insight

This is seen where a person is completely aware that they have a mental problem but they refuse to accept and seek treatment and instead hide it believing that they are okay and they do not need help.
If you find that you have a mental problem or any signs, it is important to have yourself checked so you can be treated as early as possible. Also, read about the illness and how you can be able to manage it on your own.

• Low self- esteem

Many people suffering from mental problems have low self-esteem whereby they feel like they are inadequate. This makes them lack self-worth and end up feeling like they do not need help and maybe no one will be interested in helping them.
Start off by loving and believing in you. Self-love is an enough motivation to push you to get help about your mental problem. Also, you should learn that a mentally challenged person is equal to other human beings and therefore they should not be treated differently.

1. Love yourself because there’s no one else who has your smile.


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