The Dawning of The Age of Anger – As world gets angrier, are yoga instructors to blame.

If the 1800’s gave us The Political Age of Enlightenment, then welcome to the 21st century; The Age of Anger.  As the entire world seems hell bent on flying into a rage about anything, I take a global journey to get to the root of the problem.

ANKARA, Turkey – I met Casimir who was shot in the foot after rebels drove through his home town during the attempted revolution. He was lay up on his sofa, shouting at his 14″ television set as he watched a soccer match on a fuzzy screen, the apparent anger he had for the referee made me feel uncomfortable but I watched on.

With a reputation for being the angriest man in his apartment block, I asked him why he felt so pissed off.

“Why?” as he adjusted his coat hanger aerial “because President Erdogan tells us that social media is the biggest threat to our society* – yet trouble makers still tweet.” Casimir told me.

(Turkey is one of the world leaders in jailing journalists, and in 2016 ranked 151 out of 178 countries in the Press Freedom Index by Reporters without Borders)


MANILA, Philippines – I spoke to a short tempered Starbucks barista who had just flung a scalding latte on a complaining customer, which for some reason made me smirk. The barista’s name badge read Paulo. As I was sipping on my black Americano Paulo told me how his country was doomed to fail unless they can adopt an attitude like their president Roberto Duterte who has endorsed a zero tolerance policy on petty criminals and encouraged vigilantism.

(This unbeilevable bit is actually true!) On killing people he is quoted as saying; “In Davao I used to do it personally. Just to show to the guys [police officers] that if I can do it, why can’t you,” remembering his two decades as mayor of the city of 1.5 million people.

“ I’d go around Davao with a motorcycle, and I would just patrol the streets, looking for trouble also. I was really looking for a confrontation so I could kill.”


EL PASO, Texas – I stopped a man in the street who was shouting obscenities at Latino women and asked him why he thought it socially acceptable to yell in the faces of anonymous women walking past him.

“What’s the problem man” as he stabbed his index finger into my chest, “If Trump says it’s funny to make rape jokes, why shouldn’t I?” I was unable to provide a response as the man, who refused to tell me his name, was just repeatedly shouting “TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP.” into my ear.

I realized my rapid transition into a wide eyed maniac was complete when on my drive back to my motel , leaning out of my car window, the little old lady who took 5 seconds too long to cross the road – meaning I was ever so slightly delayed, received an almighty tirade of abuse from me.


Now I was raging and able to think with a clear head, it was not hard to see the problem with the world today…

Mindfulness, Yoga, and ‘all that stuff’ is a total waste of money,  and they have been scamming us for years, making us angrier and angrier.

Foaming at the mouth, I banged on the door of my local meditation center to get to the bottom of this. Predictably as I hissed abuse through the door, nobody answered.

Just recently holistic therapist, Turquoise Star, was successfully sued by her clients for only treating the body and NOT the body, mind, and spirit as promised.

The backlash continues as more and more mind gurus are being hung out to dry by angry clients.

If you’ve been the victim of a mindfulness scam there are things you can do says Earl T Schaeffer of help group, Don’t You Namaste Me,

“you can lobby to have their site taken down, form a vigilante group to exact revenge, or just repeatedly shout ‘TRUMP’ into their faces.”


I’m starting to calm down by the way…until next time…


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